Your professional portrait photography session

Well, the day that you’ve been looking forward to (or not, as the case may be!) is finally here! Your professional family portrait session is today!

So, what can you expect from your professional portrait session? Well, we will meet you at the pre-arranged venue and, after a quick chat, we’ll get our camera out. We normally anticipate that the portrait session will last approximately 1 hour.

During that time, we will capture as much as possible and lots of different combinations of groups. If you have any specific requirements or ideas about a particular type of image that you’d like, now’s the time to speak up!

Our professional portrait photography session can feature formal-type shots but we love to have fun, so we want you to have fun too. As a result, we much prefer to keep your family portrait session as informal and relaxed as possible, as this is where the fun really shines through.

If you’re unsure what to wear, take a look at our frequently asked questions page where we give a few pointers.

Remember though, that you can bring a few different outfits if you wish – we’ll be happy to advise you as much as possible. You can also bring some props that depict your family well. These can be something as simple as a hat, scarf or sunglasses through to sports equipment or even a pet!

It’s then just a question of having fun! You’ll be amazed at how fast the time passes.

At the end of your portrait session, once we’re all happy that we’ve captured as much as possible we will compare diaries again to make an appointment for your viewing consultation. This will be approximately one month after the shoot, so, don’t forget your diaries!

For more information regarding our professional portrait photography session, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you