Wedding Photography Gift Vouchers

Already got two toasters? Don’t need any more towels?

If you’re struggling to find something to put on your wedding gift list, why not ask your guests to buy you wedding photography vouchers?

In denominations of £20, £50 and £100, guests can order these vouchers online and we will send them the voucher in the post in their own gift card to give you on your special day.

These wedding photography gift vouchers can be put towards either the cost of your wedding photography package to help you stretch your budget or any ‘added extras’ you may wish to purchase at a later date.  The choice is yours!

If you decide that you’d like to request Gift Vouchers from your guests, just let us know at least two weeks before you intend to send out your invitations and we will get some small flyers to you that you can include with them.

You can purchase our gift vouchers here