Our Wedding Photography Pre-shoot

Hazel Hannant Wedding Photography firmly believes that great communication is the key to a successful wedding day and a wedding pre-shoot is designed to achieve exactly this. It is also where you’ll find that your wedding day really begins to take shape.

Every couple we work with receives a pre-shoot included within their package and we will touch base with you a few months before your wedding to find a mutually convenient date for the pre-shoot, which is normally held approximately 6 weeks before the big day.

The pre-shoot itself is intended to be relaxed and enjoyable. It will generally last 2-3 hours and consists of two main parts: a good chat to discuss your requirements in detail and a photo-shoot around both the wedding and reception venues.

The main aim is to ensure that you can relax on your big day knowing that everything is under control and exactly how you want it to be. However, it also gives your photographer an opportunity to see how you, as a couple, fit into the landscape of the venues and then to plan in advance the shots that are to be taken on the day.

Once the pre-shoot is completed you will receive a detailed breakdown of timings for your day to help give you a structure. In addition you will also be given a list of specific portrait requirements as discussed at the pre-shoot. This can also be forwarded to the wedding party so everyone is informed.

The pre-shoot also enables us to discuss your album requirements and gives you the opportunity to add extras to your package, such as additional albums and extra thank you cards.