Post Wedding Day Photography

There are several steps to our Post Wedding Day Photography process and just because the wedding itself is over, it doesn’t mean our service is too.

The first step of our post wedding day photography services is to get your Wedding Preview Book to you as soon as possible after your wedding. This is generally within 2-3 weeks of the big day.

The preview book is a personally designed wirobound A4 book that includes more images than you could possibly squeeze into your album. This gives you the opportunity to highlight your favourites that you’d definitely love to see included within your album - as well as those which you do not want in the album at all!

Once you have received this Preview Book and approved the images, they will be uploaded to the Hazel Hannant Photography website for your guests to view at their leisure.

Based on the image choices you have given us, we will begin the album designing process for you. Once we have the basis of a design, we will arrange an Album Preview Meeting for you to visit our offices so we can go through it in detail together.

The post wedding day photography meeting is great fun as we will project the album design onto a wall and give you an opportunity to approve and tweak each page individually before the album is sent to New Zealand for production.

It is important to remember that no two albums are ever the same! Each one is designed around the images for each individual wedding.

Once approved and ordered it takes approximately six weeks to receive your album.

Therefore, within approximately three months of your wedding, we aim to have delivered your finished album directly to you!

For more information regarding our post wedding day services, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you